Man approaches stranger’s car with a puppy under his arm – passerby then records the cutest exchange

Road rage is something no motorist wants to see or be part of but as highways get busier and life becomes more stressful the number of road rage incidents are on the rise.

When drivers stopped at a red light in Tampa, Florida and saw a man get out of his car and walk toward another driver they must have all thought the worst, but instead were treated to a heart-melting moment.

Thankfully it was caught on camera and in just a couple of weeks has been viewed by more than half a million people.

In the video, created by Celina Romera on December 15, the unidentified man jumps out of his car with a bundle in his arm. On closer inspection you can just make out the sweetest puppy.

As he approaches the car a big German Shepherd dog pops his head out of the window and it’s concerning how this huge hound is going to react.

But to the delight of all watching the two exchange kisses!

When the light turns to green the man calmly walks back to the car and Celina is heard to say, “It’s okay, man. Take your time.”

Thousands comment on adorable video

I’m sure she didn’t want this sweet show to end, what a treat while you’re waiting at a red light.

Celina’s original post has been shared 120,000 times and attracted over 30,000 comments with one user writing: “This is so nice, animals showing us humanity.”

There’s nothing like a giant of a dog showing compassion and love toward a puppy to remind us how we should be treating each other.

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