Man allegedly kills 5 puppies by pouring liquid cleaner over them – then claims he did nothing

Five puppies have died in Jakarta, India, after allegedly having chemicals poured on by a man believed to be mentally unstable.

Reports claim that the dogs, who belonged to couple Andre and Jelli Weni, were killed by Andre’s older brother, who himself has denied any wrongdoing.

Jelli is said to have woken from a nap during the day to the sound of the dogs whimpering in their cages. She then saw her brother-in-law, Harris, washing his hands, and immediately suspected he had something to do with it.

The Jakarta Post say Jelli examined the dogs – five pups and their mother – and noticed white blotches underneath the cage, as though some sort of liquid had been poured through the bars.

It wasn’t long after that the dogs started to lose their fur and gain blisters all over their little bodies.

Jelli recalled: “I asked (Haris) why my dogs were crying. But he said it wasn’t his fault.” 

Natha Satwa Nusantara Foundation, an animal welfare group, helped Jelli get her pets to an animal clinic. The foundation then reported the animal abuse to the Central Jakarta Police, one day after the incident.

Jelli herself is convinced Harris poured a corrosive chemical on her dogs. She cites the fact that he hates dogs and animals in general, going on to state that he also suffers from a mental disorder.

At the clinic, it was initially believed that the dogs had been doused in boiling water. One of the puppies, however, named Deadpool, was left blind and repeatedly vomiting, leading vets to conclude it was chemicals.

Tragically, four of the puppies had died by that point. Deadpool later succumbed to his injuries as well. The mother of the puppies remains in critical condition.

Why anyone would do commit such a monstrous act against poor, defenceless puppies is beyond my comprehension.

My only hope now is that the culprit is brought to justice and given a fitting punishment.

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