Mama dog was left tied to a tree, unable to care for her puppies — sad story now has a happy ending

Too many dogs are abandoned in cruel ways, tied up and left for dead. In one recent heartbreaking case, a mother dog was left tied to a tree, while her puppies were left helplessly in a box next to her.

But thankfully, their sad story now has a happy ending…

According to a release from the government of the Mission Viejo, California, a 1.5-year-old Siberian husky-German shepherd mix named Angel was recently found tied to a tree at night in a local park.

Her litter of seven puppies was left in a box next to her, with no food or water. Angel was helpless to protect her puppies from danger.

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Facebook/City of Mission Viejo

Thankfully, the dogs were found and taken into the care of the local shelter. They received baths and vaccines, and Dedicated Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) paid for their medical needs.

Soon enough, all the puppies were adopted out, but Angel was still in the shelter, waiting for the right home. Animal services called her a “great dog.”

“She is truly one of the nicest, kindest dogs we have ever met,” they wrote. “She rolls over in submission when getting pets and will crawl up into your lap for attention.”

Angel’s story was picked up by NBC Los Angeles — that’s where Dee Hinshaw-Gratin and her husband first saw the dog and instantly fell in love.

“Can you imagine what happened to her? Tied to a tree at a park with her puppies. No food or water with her puppies, so she couldn’t even feed her puppies,” Hinshaw-Gratin told NBC Los Angeles.

The couple knew they could be the ones to give this mistreated mama dog the home she truly deserves: “We looked at each other and said, “Yeah, we’re ready.'”

Dee and her husband soon showed up and adopted Angel for good. The City of Mission Viejo was thrilled by the happy outcome to this sad story.

“This sweet young pup found her forever home with the caring family, residing on a spacious property, surrounded by love for the rest of her days,” reads a statement from the government.

They also said that the adopters had lost “multiple family pets” this past year, and they “believed Angel would be their beacon of hope.” It was truly meant to be.

Mission Viejo Animal Services say they are investigating the circumstances of Angel’s abandonment, but haven’t found the person responsible.

What a happy ending to this heartbreaking story — we’re so glad Angel and her puppies have all found loving homes! ❤️

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