Mailman sneaks up to the porch – watch what suddenly jumps up to greet him

Animals can really brighten your day. The weekdays can often feel like groundhog day, where we get up, eat breakfast and go to the same place of work every day.

It’s nice if we have a break from the old routine and something as simple as a friendly face that we’re not used to seeing, can change all that.

The same can be said for animals. They are often left at home while their owners are away at work, and are exposed to the same environment with no company during the day.

This mailman got a wonderful break from his usual routine and seemed to really enjoy it.



Photo: YouTube

The mailman delivers two large packages to one house, but is hesitant about opening the gate to get closer.

This was probably something he had been through before, because the video clip from the security camera shows how he first approaches the stairs, puts the package on the porch – and then waits.

Mailman overwhelmed with kisses

Then after a few seconds, his day suddenly gets a lot brighter!

Two four-legged friends appear at the gate and overwhelm him with kisses! The mailman is clearly a fan of these two cute dogs.

You can see how such a small gesture can brighten a person’s day as well as an animal’s.

Take a look for yourself in the clip below.

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