Lost dog lives on the street for 3 years – but look at his reaction when he hears a familiar voice

Dogs are faithful animals and are usually never happier than when they are by their owner’s side. Unlike cats they aren’t that independent and can’t be let out to wander alone.

So when a man from Georgia realized his four-legged friend had got out of the house, he feared the worse.

Giorgi Bereziani was beside himself trying to find his dog Jorge. He had lost his best friend.

But he never lost hope. He was looking for his dog everywhere.

Losing a pet is heartbreaking. Not knowing what has happened, not knowing where the animal is and wondering if it’s been injured, is a terrible feeling.

But even though 62-year-old Giorgi was desperate, he never lost hope. He wandered around his hometown of Tbillsi, in Georgia, putting up ads in the hope that someone had seen him and could tell him where his beloved pet was.

One day, three years after Jorge had disappeared, his owner got a call. It was from workers at an opera house that had spotted a dog matching Jorge’s description nearby.

Giorgi was overjoyed and went straight to the place where his long lost friend had been seen.

aterforening, hund
Photo: YouTube

He filmed his journey to the area and I’m glad he did. The moment he spots his dog curled up by a tree he says his name, almost in disbelief, and the dog’s reaction is just wonderful.

Jorge’s reaction when he hears his owner’s voice for the first time in three years is amazing. He sounds like he’s crying. It’s so moving to see.

aterforening, hund
Photo: YouTube

Check out the video below to see this wonderful reunion for yourself.

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