Longtime shelter dog falls asleep with a smile on his face after finally being adopted

There are few things in the world more precious than a shelter dog’s first night in his new home after being adopted. That look of contentment and comfort knowing they’re in a safe and loving home is truly priceless.

That’s what one photo shows, as one sweet dog smiles happily after arriving in his new forever home.

According to a Facebook post, the SPCA of Wake County took in a dog named Petey back in October from one of their high-intake shelter partners.

Sadly, Petey had been waiting quite a while in the shelter: the SPCA wrote that he had been constantly “overlooked by adopters.”

So they took the sweet dog in, determined to finally find him a home — and soon, Petey’s luck turned around.

In an update, the SPCA announced that Petey had finally been adopted!

Even better, they also shared some photos of Petey in his new home — including one photo of the former shelter dog asleep in a nice warm bed, a big happy smile on his face.

“That is the smile of a dog who knows he’s home,” the SPCA wrote.

They also shared a message from Petey’s new adopted family, who said their new dog is living his best life.

“Petey is settling in perfectly in his new home,” the owner wrote. “He loves sleeping in the bed, playing fetch, and sniffing around the yard. And LOVES playing with his new brother and any other doggy friend he finds. He’s the perfect addition.”

It’s clear this sweet dog got the happy ending he deserves.

“Petey is so loved and is opening up and showing us his beautiful personality,” the owner wrote. “I am so happy to have him.”

Petey looks so happy and comfortable in his new home! Thank you to this family for adopting this sweet shelter dog!

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