Longhaired dog dressed as a mop becomes the star of Halloween

It’s October and everyone is getting excited for Halloween. People are starting to get their costumes together… and maybe a costume for their pets, too.

There’s no shortage of cute dog and cat costumes available in stores, but if you really want your pet to stand out, sometimes its best to use their natural features to come up with the perfect costume idea.

That’s what one woman did, noticing that her dog had a resemblance to a particular household item, and decided to run with it… and won Halloween in the process.

Meet Keki, the dog who was a mop:


Keki is a Hungarian puli dog, a breed known for their long, ropey fur style, which makes them look like mops.

The dog’s owner, who according to HuffPost is a veterinarian from All Creatures Animal Hospital, clearly picked up on this resemblance and dressed up the Keki for the MainStrasse Paw-Rade Halloween parade in Covington, Kentucky.

Keki stood out from the crowd. While there were plenty of cute canine paradegoers—a dog dressed as a Minion, a dog dressed as Oscar the Grouch—the mop was a clear favorite (you could say she “cleaned up” or “swept the competition.”)


And Keki loved the experience, too. Why wouldn’t she? It was really the easiest costume ever: all she had to do was sit in a bucket and let her natural locks do the rest.

“[She] loved the attention and petting she received,” a source close to the dog told The Dodo.

I saw someone posted a photo of mop dog yesterday, but I felt like the world needed the video too. 😂

Posted by Tammi Harris on Monday, October 23, 2017

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Posted by 2 Point Farm, LLC on Monday, October 23, 2017