Longest-waiting dog in shelter finally gets adopted after 852 days: “Echo has left the building”

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but it can take some longer than others to get adopted. Some dogs wait years before finding the right home, and some even hold the sad distinction of being their shelter’s longest resident.

But after nearly three years in a shelter, one dog is celebrating after finally finding a forever home.

Echo was surrendered to the Marion Area Humane Society, in Ohio, back in 2021. In the years since, he has struggled to find a home of his own. According to the shelter, he was briefly adopted when he first arrived, only to be returned for another two years.

“He has watched hundreds of dogs come and go, only to sit and stare out his kennel door, hoping his time is coming,” Marion Area Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Echo had so many great qualities, and they didn’t understand why he was always overlooked and passed over.

“Echo is a phenomenal dog. He’s very smart and came to us with tons of commands under his belt. He absolutely loves playing fetch and suckers every single volunteer into playing with him. He rides well in a car. He’s easy to walk on a leash. He’s quiet. He is BEAUTIFUL.”

In another post, they said that Echo was going “stir crazy” after so much time in the shelter, and that his “spark is fading.” He had many meet and greets with potential adopters, only to have his dreams dashed when they didn’t work out.

At 6 years old, Echo had spent over 852 days in the shelter, becoming their longest resident. It seemed like the perfect home would never come — but recently, Echo’s luck finally turned around.

On March 23, the humane society announced that Echo had finally been adopted! Photos show the dog with his new owners, and he looks so happy.

It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to a dog who has been in your care for so long, but everyone at the Marion Area Humane Society was thrilled sweet Echo had finally found the home he deserves.

“Everyone who knows Echo loves him!” they wrote on Facebook. “We are going to miss this boy so much at MAHS. After almost 3 years he has made himself a huge part of our lives.”

“Every dog deserves a chance no matter how long it takes. Echo has stayed strong mentally and emotionally for us so we knew his time was coming. We’ll never give up on them!”

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