Lonely dog waits in same spot every day, then woman looks closer and realizes the heartbreaking truth

We humans should be overjoyed that we have the honor to share this planet with dogs. If you treat a dog with love you will get it back unconditionally.

There isn’t a more faithful friend out there.

That’s why it hurts me to read about dogs that have been badly treated by their owners.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

It took place on a cold January day in Pennsylvania in 2018. Local residents saw something strange in the snow-covered park.

A lonely dog sat and waited by a park bench.

Several people tried to approach the dog, but she got scared and ran away every time. But she wouldn’t leave the park. It was as though she was waiting for someone.

Ever wonder what a dog dumped by its owners does? Sits and watches. Waiting for its family to come back. This dog has…

Posted by Speranza Animal Rescue on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

After several failed attempts to approach the dog, the neighborhood decided to contact an animal shelter. Janine Guido from Speranza Animal Rescue took the call – and drove to the park immediately to help.

By that point the dog, who has since been named Carla, had been waiting in the park for several days.

Janine tried to coax Carla with food, but she was too afraid. It took Janine several days and attempts before she won the dog’s trust.

Finally she managed to rescue Carla!

Speranza Animal Rescue via Facebook

Janine took the freezing, terrified dog to the vet. During the car ride, she even managed to give Carla some much-needed food.

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The vets were able to confirm that Carla was around 10 years old, and extremely underweight. She had presumably been abandoned by her former owner there in the park, and had since waited faithfully for them to come back.

But no owner came back, and Carla became colder, thinner and more afraid.

Speranza Animal Rescue via Facebook

Now Carla will never need to be cold or hungry again!

Janine found her a foster home, so Carla is thankfully now warm and safe. And she has also made two new dog friends!

Speranza Animal Rescue via Facebook

Think how lucky we are that there are animal lovers out there who do everything they can to help dogs who have been abandoned.

All dogs deserve a loving home. Share this story if you agree!

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