Little boy is so overwhelmed by a puppy’s cuteness he can’t hold back tears

Everybody loves a cute puppy, but have you ever seen a puppy so cute that you just can’t handle it?

That’s what happened to one little boy, who was so overwhelmed by the adorableness of a little chihuahua that he broke into tears, captured in a precious viral video.

In December 2015, a woman named Debbie Rochelle took her 4-year-old son Zayden to a pet store. The little boy was excited… especially when he got to hold a cute chihuahua puppy in his arms.

But up close with the little dog, he broke into tears… not out of fear or sadness, but just because the dog was so overwhelmingly cute.

“She’s so cute,” Zayden tells his mom. “She’s so beautiful!”

Debbie filmed the whole precious moment, and put it on Facebook, where it went viral with nearly 4 million views.

It’s also been shared by many other accounts: it recently went viral again after someone shared it on Twitter.

Many people wondered if Jayden actually got the dog he fell so in love with. The answer is that he didn’t adopt that exact puppy, but he did get another Chihuahua puppy, who they named Asha.


When parents get a pet for their kids, it’s important to make sure they really want one, and that they’ll love and take care of them forever.

But it’s clear that this little boy truly loves dogs, and he and his chihuahua friend will be friends for life.

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