Lion and baby together on live TV: then what shouldn’t happen occurs!

Live television is always entertaining because of the element of surprise. It’s fun to watch because it’s impossible to predict what could happen.

Even with the most careful planning, things end up occurring that no one could have imagined.

Usually, everyone has a good laugh when something unexpected happens, but sometimes, things can go very, very wrong.


In television or entertainment, there are two things that are considered difficult to work with, especially on live television: children and animals. Not only are they notoriously difficult to work with because babies cry and animals can be unruly, they often act very unpredictably.

In this video, an animal trainer appears with a young lion. No matter how gentle and trained they are, lions should always be treated with caution because they are “wild” animals.

Next to the animal trainer is a mother with her toddler-age daughter.

If you ask me, this entire scene seems like a recipe for disaster!


In the beginning, everything is fine, but then the little girl starts crying. The noise agitates the lion who then attempts an attack.

Whoever thought that this was a good idea should be fired from television forever!

Watch the video to see what happens. Caution: graphic footage.

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