Kids save abandoned dog covered in tar after pups bring them to the rescue

The world I want to live in is one where humans and animals work together, helping each other where necessary and existing in harmony.

The first step towards this is, in my opinion, people showing all creatures the love and respect they deserve. It starts with children, and educating them in the importance of caring for animals and coming to their aid in times of need.

A group of local kids from Merlo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, are rightly being celebrated after leaping into action when they heard distressed barking from a remote area.

Credit: Proyecto4Patas

It transpired a poor dog, Aloe, was trapped, pinned to the ground by thick black tar. She had cried and whimpered, but no human could hear her.

Fortunately, a group of other dogs did. They began to bark, attracting the attention of the aforementioned children, who ran to Aloe’s aid.

Credit: Proyecto4Patas

The youngsters tried and failed to pull Aloe free, before calling their parents, who in turn called the police. All in all, it was nine hours before emergency services could rescue Aloe from her life-threatening predicament.

A combined effort from the police, firefighters and volunteers from animal protection organization Proyecto 4 Patas (Four Legs Project), saw Aloe set free.

The organization believe the dog ‘fell or was thrown in a tar well in an abandoned area in Libertad’.

They explained: “Aloe was stuck in the ground and petrified. 100% of her body was hardened. Her mouth, eyes, ears, everything. We were shocked, we had never been in front of an animal in this condition, but it was a time to get focused and use our will and love to get her out of this nightmare situation as soon as possible.

“We were already informed about how to work, we had hours and hours in front of us of work. We gathered volunteers, we organised ourselves in teams, we bought litres and litres of oil and for nine hours non stop we cleaned the tar.”

Credit: Proyecto4Patas

Aloe was later taken to a clinic for further treatment. She was eventually restored to her tar-less state, and now looks brand-new!

Thank God these children heard the barking and decided to investigate. And a huge thank you to all the rescuers who undoubtedly saved Aloe’s life.

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