'Keep Out the Dog': strangers find unwanted stray kicked out of apartment, help him find a new home

‘Keep Out the Dog’: strangers find unwanted stray kicked out of apartment, help him find a new home

There are too many unwanted dogs who end up fending for themselves on the street. But luckily, there are also compassionate people willing to step up and help these poor animals.

Like one couple, who came across a lonely dog and decided to help after finding out his sad circumstance.

Lujan Videla, from Argentina, was walking with her boyfriend when they stumbled on a dog named Bruno, who looked like he could use a friend.

“He was so alone and disoriented,” Lujan told The Dodo. “I told my boyfriend to stay with him and to wait to see if his owner would appear.”


They stayed with the dog, hoping his owner would eventually show up, but no one ever came.

Eventually, Bruno walked off, seemingly leading them somewhere. They followed, and found an apartment with a sign on the door.

The sign revealed Bruno’s sad story: “KEEP OUT THE DOG.”

Lujan Videla

“We followed him, and noticed that he wanted to enter the building,” Lujan said.

They then discovered that Bruno had belonged to a man from the building, who had apparently passed away or moved out, leaving the dog homeless.

Not realizing this, the poor dog kept trying to get back into her old apartment—and apparently the staff got tired of this and put up the sign, making sure no one let Bruno inside.

“It makes you realize how indifferent people can be,” Lujan told The Dodo. “Bruno was so sad. He was desperate to enter.”

Unable to leave Bruno on his own, wandering outside trying to get into his old home, Lujan and her boyfriend decided to take him in.

They couldn’t keep him for good—they had their hands full with their own rescue dogs—but they put the word out about Bruno, hoping to find his owner in case he was out there looking.

That didn’t happen, but luckily Bruno still got a happy ending: the couple found him a forever home!

“He was adopted by a very trustworthy person who lives across the street from where I live,” Lujan told The Dodo. “We go on walks together. He is very happy.”

“Some people don’t realize that they are living beings that feel the same as us,” she added. “Bruno’s like a whole new dog.”

We’re so glad Bruno has a new forever home! Thank you to this kind couple for showing kindness when no one else would.

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