K9 responsible for sniffing out one of police department's largest drug busts

K9 responsible for sniffing out one of police department’s largest drug busts ever

Who’s a good? Stryker is a very good boy!

On February 23, the Lewisville Police Department in Lewisville, Texas received a call from another agency to help with an anonymous tip about a tractor trailer near a highway.

K9 Officer Pat Robey and his partner Stryker responded to the call.

According to police, when Robey and Stryker arrived on the scene, the K9 performed a free air sniff of the suspicious vehicle and alerted Robey to the presence of drugs.

The tractor trailer was brought back to the Lewisville police department where authorities discovered 270 kilograms or 595 pounds of meth concealed in a hidden compartment.

Not only was the drug bust one of the police department’s largest, but it was Stryker’s largest drug bust of his career!

Police estimate the narcotics’ street value to be more than $1.2 million.

Good boy, Stryker!

According to police, the K9 was rewarded with “quite a few extra treats, a lot of scratches and as much time as he wanted with his favorite toy.”

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