Judge lets dog decide who his owner is – now watch when he’s put down on the courtroom floor

Dogs. They’re wonderful. I mean, what other animal is so loyal and yet so playful? They really are man’s best friend!

Dog owners, of course, love their four-legged darlings just as much as their dogs love them. Which is why would so unbearable if someone took your dog and claimed it for their own.

But that was the case before judge Judith Sheindlin on her American courtroom reality show “Judge Judy.”

Now a clip from the popular episode has gone viral.

In the clip, Judge Judy gets a unique case. At its core is Baby Boy. He’s a little dog that both the plaintiff and defendant claim to be theirs.

The defendant in the case claims she bought the dog from someone selling dogs on the street. But the plaintiff claims that Baby Boy is actually his — and that the dog was sold without his knowledge.

Foto: Facebook

For Judge Judy, there’s only one way to settle this dispute. She orders the dog to tell the court who his rightful owner is himself.

You might think that this would be hard, because dogs can’t speak for themselves. But Judy has a clever solution. She asks for the dog to be let loose, so instead of talking the talk, he can walk the walk right over to his rightful owner.

Check out the dog’s choice here:

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