‘It’s a miracle’: deaf dog rescued after falling 100 feet down ravine

A family is counting their blessings after a rescue team went the extra mile to save their deaf dog, who fell 100 feet down a California ravine.

Dave and Julia Plant, from Sorrento Valley, California, are the owners of an 8-year-old Australian Shepherd named Hobo. According to KGTV, the dog got his name because they found him as a hungry stray.

The couple loved their dog, who they described as “incredibly friendly” although he is progressively deaf.

But on Monday, they nearly lost Hobo for good after the dog lost his footing and fell into a ravine, tumbling 100 feet below. Thankfully, the dog was not injured, but saving him proved to be difficult.

“It was just not a good situation where the dog was, not for people or animals,” Lt. Clint Ganus, San Diego Humane Society Disaster Response, told KGTV. “It was in a very secluded ravine and there was a big drop off just below that.” But thankfully, help was soon on the way.

According to a Facebook post from the San Diego Humane Society, one of their Humane Officers arrived on the scene and tried to save the dog by climbing down loose rock, but realized the hill was too steep and dangerous.

He called for backup, and soon members of the ERT Technical Response Unit arrived on the scene. They set up safety lines so they could rappel safely down the ravine.

“When my rescuers got on scene, we built the systems to go down and rescue the dog,” Lt. Ganus told CNN, adding that the dog landed in “really thick brush” that was difficult to navigate.

It reportedly took a team of five rescuers over four hours, as they had to cut the dog free from the brush and secure him for the climb up. But eventually, the mission was a success, and Hobo made it up to safety.

“All my team members had big smiles on their faces,” Ganus said. “Seeing that reminds me, you know, why I come back and do what I do every single day.”


Soon, Hobo was returned to his very grateful owners. “It was a miracle. I mean thank God for the Humane Society,” Julia told KGTV.

She says they had already been putting up a fence to keep their dog in, but after this incident she’s going to be even more protective.

“I’m going to keep him on this very short lead,” she said.

Thank you to everyone who saved this dog’s life! You’re true heroes ❤️ Share this incredible story!