Image of toddler being aggressive toward dog causes thousands to react

Image of toddler being aggressive toward dog causes thousands to react

There’s nothing like the bond between a child and its pet to lift our spirits and also show us how loyal and protective our animals are.

But the respect between a child and his or her animal has to be taught as a child can often think an animal is just another toy to play with.

An image of a toddler jumping on her dog was shared on social media and presented as cute and funny, but it soon attracted the attention of animal lovers from across the nation who were quick to issue warnings.

According to a professional dog trainer posted an image on social media of the toddler who seems to be jumping on the dog.

“Prime example of what NOT to allow,” he writes alongside the post.

He adds: “Eventually it will come to a head and the dog will have enough. This child will be injured and this dog will be labeled aggressive and re homed or likely euthanized.

“Stop allowing children to mistreat dogs. It’s not funny. It’s not playful. It’s dangerous and stupid. The dog and child pay the consequences for the parent’s lack of common sense.”

His post on Imgur was met with thousands of comments from people, particularly parents, with warnings to properly teach children how to respect animals.


One user told a story of how their toddler had to be taught how to properly interact with their skittish cat and now they’re best friends.

While another user warned: “Even the most sweetest animals bite. Even the most patient hit their limit…Teach kids to respect animals.”

Another user made the important point that she had never left her children unsupervised with her animals when they were too young to know how to behave around them.

Many users also shared sad stories of when children weren’t taught to respect animals and it was met with heartbreaking consequences.


“I had to watch as a family dog was put down because my sister couldn’t teach her daughter to keep her hands to herself.”

Another user wrote: “Mom told toddler me not to spook our dog when he slept, did it anyway. I have a scar on my face from the bite. I got in trouble, dog did not.”


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