Husky who has been returned to shelter 7 times just wants a forever home

Husky who has been returned to shelter 7 times just wants a forever home

All shelter dogs are just waiting to find their forever homes, but it can take some longer than others. Some dogs have to wait months or even years before getting adopted.

It makes things even worse when a dog thinks he’s finally going to go to a good home, only to be returned to the shelter when their new owners have second thoughts.

One dog has undergone this heartbreak not once but seven times — but he’s still holding out hope to find his real forever home soon.

Meet Houdini:


Houdini is a three-year-old husky dog in the care of the San Diego Department of Animal Services.

He got his name because, like his famous magician namesake, Houdini had a knack for escaping, as he proved in his first adopted home: According to County News Center, the husky jumped through the screen of a second story window.

Unfortunately, the family returned him to the shelter shortly thereafter, and his luck didn’t continue. Six more families have taken him in since then, and he’s been quickly sent back every time.

His adoptions have all been so short-lived, lasting only a few days, without a chance for the owners to form a real bond with Houdini.

The shelter also speculates that people simply fall in love with the look of the husky without actually being prepared to handle his active personality. While Houdini has mellowed out a lot since escaping through the window, he’s still as active and vocal as huskies usually are.


But the DAS still has hope there’s a perfect home for him out there, and are hoping the eight time will be the charm.

“He just needs a patient, compassionate new owner that is willing to commit to addressing his special needs,” said Kelly Campbell, Director of the Department of Animal Services, told County News Center.

“We here at the County of San Diego Department of Animal Services would like to find the perfect adopter or foster family for Houdini. It would have to be a person or persons who are active, experienced with the breed, experienced with dog training and willing to be dedicated to helping Houdini become the best dog that he can be.”

The DAS put Houdini’s story out last month, jokingly saying they wanted someone to make him “vanish” from the shelter.

They hoped to find him a home by Christmas, and while that didn’t come to pass, there’s still plenty time to find him a home by Valentine’s Day!

“We truly believe he has the potential to be an amazing addition to the family, if he could only find his perfect, devoted companion,” Kelly Campbell said.

No dog deserves to be in a shelter that long, or returned so many times. Hopefully Houdini “escapes” soon to a loving family, one who is ready to keep this husky for good!

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