Husky spent 676 days in the shelter — then he sees a familiar face from his past

Every shelter dog dreams of finding their forever home, but it can take some a very long time. That was the case for a dog named Matt, who spent 676 days in the shelter being passed over by adopters.

But recently, he saw a familiar face from his past pay him a visit — and suddenly realized his life was about to change…

Matt arrived at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society, in Helena, Montana, back in 2022 along with 12 other huskies. While the other dogs all got adopted, Matt was always passed over and was the last one left in the shelter.

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Facebook/Lewis and Clark Humane Society

The husky had many great qualities: according to the shelter, he has “a heart as big as the sky, is independent and shy but still loves his most trusted humans, and loves playtime.

“He is a loving and kind soul,” his foster said, according to a Facebook post. “He is still nervous most of the time, while he settles in it seems to dissipate and his confidence comes out. He is great with kids and other dogs… All in all Matt is a wonderful dog that has a goofy and playful personality.”

Still, months and years went by and Matt was always passed over. He had been at the shelter for 676 days. But then, suddenly everything changed.

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Facebook/Lewis and Clark Humane Society

According to a Facebook post, Matt was confused by a sudden break in his familiar routine. It was a “pretty normal day,” but all the staff kept coming up to say goodbye to him, including his foster dad.

Then, he saw a familiar face from his past: his dog brother Kenai, who had come to the shelter with him but had since been adopted. The two dogs happily played in the yard together — and Matt assumed this was just a temporary playdate.

“While Matt was happy to see Kenai, he knew he’d be saying goodbye again and that was hard,” Lewis and Clark Humane Society wrote. “But then things got really weird.”

It turned out Kenai wasn’t just there for a visit — his owner was there to adopt Matt!

After the adopter signed the paperwork, Matt hopped in the SUV with Kenai and was off to his forever home. Not only was he finally adopted after nearly two years in the shelter, but he was reunited with his brother.

“Matt is happy and in a home right now, finally living his best life,” LCHS wrote. Matthew is a special boy, and he has found the perfect home.”

How amazing — we’re so glad that Matt finally found a home, one where he can be with his dog brother. Thank you to everyone who helped Matt finally get adopted!

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