Husband attempts to help wife only to bring wrong dog home from the groomer

We all mistakes. Forgetting to pick up milk at the grocery store. Accidentally hitting reply all. Turning on the oven, but leaving your dinner on the counter.

They’re all embarrassing, but surely nothing is quite as embarrassing as forgetting what your own child looks like. Or in Rudy Salazar’s case, his furbaby.

After Christmas Rudy wanted to give his wife, CoCo, a hand. She had just worked 15 hours and he knew she could use a break.

CoCo suggested that Rudy take the family dog, BooBear to the groomer. A simple enough task.

Life is good when you have these little ones to hang out with …

Posted by CoCo Salazar on Monday, November 21, 2016

The dog arrived there just fine, it was the coming home part that caused a bit of a stir.

When Rudy went to pick up BooBear he told the groomers he was there for CoCo–his first critical mistake. The groomer retrieved a small white dog and handed him over to Rudy and he went on his way. Mistake number two, if you’re counting.

But when Rudy arrived home, CoCo realized something was wrong.

Apparently the groomer did not understand that Rudy meant he was there on behalf of CoCo and gave him a dog that kind of sort of, but also not really looked like BooBear.

At least the dog Rudy brought home was named CoCo.

Once he realized his very unfortunate mistake, Rudy went back to the groomers, where we can only assume an awkward conversation took place about the mix-up. He returned not long after with the correct BooBear.

Everyone tells me I do too much .. have your family help you out … So after a 15hr work day over Christmas my…

Posted by CoCo Salazar on Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thankfully there were no hard feelings, though I can’t be too sure how soon CoCo will ask Rudy to take BooBear to the groomers again.

Have you ever picked up the wrong dog from the groomers?

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