Homeless dog spots rescuer, but when she refuses to move he realizes she’s not alone

Staff at an animal rescue center in the Serbian town of Mladenovac got a call from a farmer that a dog had been spotted in a disused building.

The dog was in a derelict and partially destroyed building in a meadow and was in bad shape.

But it wasn’t until rescuers arrived that they realized how bad the situation was.

Watching these animal heroes in action gives us animal lovers around the world faith that there are people out there that go above and beyond to help our needy four-legged friends, and deserve all the praise.

As they approached the building, which was falling apart and abandoned, they saw a black little dog. She looked at them with eyes that said it all.

But this weak and desperate hound was not alone.

As rescuers from The Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac moved closer they saw the dog had five puppies.

They said she seemed calm and happy as her hungry pups gathered around her to feed. It’s clear that she was thankful that someone had finally showed up to help her.

It’s thought the dog is only two years old and her pups around one month old.

They discovered mama dog had a severe form of Demodex, which is caused by a mite infestation which can lead to fur loss and painful sores.

See the work that went into treating them all and making them comfortable in the clip below.

The no-kill shelter responsible for this rescue provides food and warmth for up to 350 animals.

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