Homeless dog Helen spent her entire life on the streets until tourist spotted her

Homeless dog Helen spent her entire life on the streets until tourist spotted her

Every dog’s personality is different and it’s only when you take one into your home does their true personality come out.

To see a dog that’s so gentle, well behaved, and loving having to spend her entire life living on the streets is just heartbreaking but that’s exactly what happened to Helen.

Helen had lived her whole life sleeping in a disused entry way in a small resort town in Romania.

The local community helped to feed her but living outside for 6 years is a tough life for any animal, having to avoid those people who are unkind to animals, and having to sleep outside in all weathers.


But a tourist spotted this sad-looking dog and wanted to help get her off the streets, so she contacted Howl of a Dog and asked if they could take her in.

Rescuers found out that she had been living in the neighborhood for years but nobody had taken her in. She was given the name Helen and coaxed into their vehicle with food so they could make the two-hour journey to the veterinary clinic.


There the vet found a clip on her ear which showed she had been part of a spay and neuter program for strays six years ago and that she was 7 years old telling them she’d spent her entire life on the streets.

Tests were carried out on Helen and she was diagnosed with a tick-born disease called Anaplasmosis which can cause joint pain, fever, lethargy, and anorexia in animals.


She was given the treatment she needed and a warm bath and fell asleep on a soft blanket while being petted by one of the Howl of a Dog staff; for the first time in her life she was given the love she deserved.


Staff noted how well behaved and gentle Helen was, and how she loved going for walks.

Despite everything she had been through Helen still loved humans and was so happy to be around them. It wasn’t long before this sweet hound was adopted into a loving forever home.

See her transformation in the clip below.

It’s heartbreaking to think this sweet dog could have been making a family so happy and getting the love she deserves for the last six years.

Thank goodness these animal heroes stepped in to help. Help us wish this sweet dog all the love and happiness in her senior years by sharing this story.