Homeless dog adopts litter of kittens on a freezing cold night and saves their lives

The plight of homeless animals is hard enough to imagine without adding freezing cold temperatures to their situation.

It would be impossible for any animal lover to walk past a homeless animal outside during the cold winter months.

A Good Samaritan was compelled to stop her car when she noticed a beautiful dog outside on a freezing cold night in Ontario, Canada.

The dog was curled up at the side of the road shivering and just couldn’t be ignored. But on a closer inspection the animal rescuer saw the dog wasn’t alone.

Facebook / Pet and Wildlife Rescue

This caring hound was protecting a litter of orphaned kittens and keeping them warm.

The woman took the dog and the kittens to the Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter where staff realized a bond had already been established between them all.

Staff at the shelter said it was clear the dog had saved the kittens’ lives.

‘Makes every heartache worth it’

“It’s truly heartwarming!” shelter staff told The Dodo. “It had been a very cold night so these kittens would have had a very hard time surviving.”

All the animals were checked over and treated with the kittens requiring a bit more attention and their dog mom keeping a close eye on their progress.

“Our staff sees many difficult situations on a daily basis and stories like this one make every heartache worth it,” the shelter said.

Facebook / Pet and Wildlife Rescue

It’s in a dog’s nature to want to look after those in need, we could all learn a lesson or two from them.

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