Heroic hound who finds cat in snow and drags him to safety is caught on camera

As humans we think we have our animals all figured out but for every dog and cat that fits the mold there’s another dog and cat behaving the opposite way.

It’s often thought dogs and cats don’t get along but there are so many households where cats and dogs live side by side in perfect harmony.

However, you don’t see many cases where the relationship between the two species extends to anything more than just a peaceful tolerance.

In the video clip below a dog appears to not only save a cat from potentially deadly freezing temperatures but then looks after it, sharing his home with the chilly cat.


It’s astonishing to watch the dog grab the lifeless cat with his teeth by the scruff of his neck and drag him through deep snow to safety.

I’ve seen cases where dogs have rescued kittens and become their moms and even vice versa but not a dog rescuing an adult cat.

The heroic hound looks like the cat is quite a weight for him and sometimes loses the cat trying to drag him through the snow, but he refuses to give up until he’s safe in his dog kennel.


When he’s safely in the dog’s kennel the dog gives a satisfied look at the camera and turns to his new friend to give him an affectionate lick.

Not much information is revealed alongside the YouTube video, which has been watched by more than 30,000 people, but I hope the feline recovered from his chilly ordeal.


Thankfully, the dog’s owner caught the rescue on camera so we can all marvel at it.

See for yourself in the clip below and don’t forget to share. It really is the most heartwarming video I’ve seen in a while.