Heroic 11-year-old jumps into pool to save his dog's life

Heroic 11-year-old jumps into pool to save his dog’s life

Most people will do anything for their dogs, especially when they are in serious danger. We’ve seen many stories of people bravely racing to save animals’ lives.

And recently, one 11-year-old boy was hailed as a hero after saving his dog from drowning in a pool.

Matheus Felipe, from Brazil, loves his pet Rottweiler Nitro. So last month, when his friend was in danger, he didn’t hesitate to help.

Footage captured from the home’s security cameras shows a dramatic moment when the dog fell into the swimming pool in the backyard. Nitro flails in the water, desperately trying to get out.


Luckily, Matheus was home, and heard his dog fall into the water. He immediately ran to help, jumping into the water to save him.

“I didn’t know what to do… it was so cold that day,” Matheus recalled to Brazilian news outlet A Gazeta. “I jumped in socks, shorts and a shirt.”

Nitro is a large dog weighing over 150 pounds, so getting him out of the water was no small task for an 11-year-old. But Matheus was able to push his friend out of the water to safety.


Watch the dramatic rescue below:

Safe on dry land, Nitro was very grateful to the boy who saved him.

“When he came out of the water, he started licking me, saying ‘thank you,'” Matheus said.

“He’s a good friend to me. I cried a lot with him.”

What a heroic 11-year-old, racing to save his dog’s life. We’re so glad Nitro is okay now! Share this incredible story!