Hero puts abandoned dog in car and rushes to groomer at 12AM to shave off 2 years of matted Fur

Little upsets me more than seeing or hearing of innocent people getting hurt.

Sadly, it’s often animals that end up in such situations simply because they are unable to protect themselves or their fundamental rights to be treated with compassion.

This was the state that 4-year-old Lucky was discovered in after being found on a highway one night in Florida, USA.

A woman named Mary was in a parking lot trying to catch a lost cat when a group of ladies happened to pull up with a dog in terrible condition.

Poor little Lucky was clearly severelyneglected — his fur was heavily matted, and, as can be seen in the photos, he had problems to even see through it all.

Facebook / BGE Grooming

Lucky was indeed in dire condition, his heavily matted fur even preventing him from being able to move properly.

Plus, couldn’t wag his tail.

It’s unknown how poor Lucky ended up on the streets, but what’s certain is that on this night, everything would change for the sweet pup.

The very same night of Lucky’s discovery, a woman named Mary Dixon posted a photo of him on a local Facebook group page, asking for help.

She soon got an overwhelming response from dog ​​lovers. One was Kari Falla, who happened to own a pet grooming salon.

To Mary’s great delight, Kari offered to open her salon for Lucky, right then and there, in the middle of the night.

Kari worked carefully on Lucky for several hours, patiently removing months of heavy, wild fur.

According to Kari, it normally takes an hour and a half to groom a dog, but in Lucky’s case it took double that time.

Kari heroically worked on the dog until after 3 a.m., removing an estimated two years’ worth of fur growth.

Luckily, this was just the beginning of Lucky’s new life.

Soon Lucky was adopted and found his forever home when he a loving family decided to take him in, according to Kari.

Take a look at Lucky’s magical transformation in the video below:

THANK YOU all the animal lovers who make a difference for our beloved dogs, cats and all other animals out there.

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