Hero Husky is the only one who notices newborn baby left alone in park, saves his life

Dogs have such incredible instincts. They can often detect things that their human owners cannot — a skill that can often make the difference between life and death.

That was the case recently, after a smart Husky was the only one who noticed an abandoned infant in the park and helped get him to safety.

According to Birmingham Live, 64-year-old Terry Walsh was walking his pet Husky, Hel, in The Mounds in Birmingham.


The two passed by some rolled up blanket left by the bushes on the ground. Terry thought it was just something someone had discarded. Hel, however, ran over to investigate.

“She went off to the blanket, lying next to it and started nudging it with her nose very gently,” Terry told Birmingham Live.

To his shock, he suddenly heard a noise from the discarded blanket — the sound of a baby crying.

Terry realized the baby boy had been left there all alone, exposed to the elements — and it was only because of his dog that he had been found.

“I think it was Hel’s gentle nudging and the heat from my Husky’s body that woke the baby up,” he said.

He was grateful the dog had found him first, knowing that rats or foxes could’ve been a real danger to the baby.

Police later described the infant as being just “hours old.”

While the baby is safe, thanks to Hel, police have not yet been able to identify the boy’s mother.

He was taken to the hospital and nicknamed “George” — he was found near St. George’s Day — but no one is sure where he came from. West Midlands Police has put out an urgent appeal to the boy’s mother.

“Baby George is healthy and doing well,” West Midlands Police wrote on Facebook. “But sadly we’ve still not been able to find his mum. We’re very concerned for her and want to check she is doing okay, both physically and mentally.”

“This is our only concern right now, giving birth is a big thing and we’re concerned she will need medical help. We want her to know that she’s not in any trouble.We’re ready to offer her the help and support she needs – and we can be contacted in confidence.”

How sad — we hope everything works out for this poor lost infant. But we’re glad that he’s safe and sound now, thanks to the quick thinking of a smart Husky.

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