He is half dog and half wolf – see the pictures of Loki’s journey in the wilderness

The “Wolf Dog” Loki has found a huge amount of popularity on the internet. It’s easy to understand why when you see these amazing pictures.

Loki’s owner Kelly Lund has photographed their adventure together since 2012 and today, 215,000 people follow Loki on Instagram.

See for yourself, below.

Loki is a mixed breed (Siberian husky, polar wolf, Alaskan malamute) and lives in Colorado, but in the pictures he appears in, his is often traveling and enjoying the scenery of some of the most magnificent places in North America.


Kelly Lund writes that he doesn’t believe that dogs are meant to live locked indoors and in fenced backyards. He hopes that these pictures will inspire us to take our dogs out into nature and discover the world around us.

What wonderful pictures! And Loki is such a beautiful dog!

See more wonderful pictures below.

See more pictures Instagram – Loki The Wolfdog.

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