Man scolds guilty dog begging for forgiveness, doubles in laughter at his abrupt “I’m sorry” caught on cam

A dog considers loving his or her owner unconditionally as their number one priority. They are such wonderful pets and you couldn’t find a more loyal friend.

There is nothing better than coming home from a bad day at work to be greeted by your faithful four-legged friend who is so happy to see you.

If only we could take our pooches everywhere and show them as much love in return.

I think it’s important that all dogs are trained well and understand right from wrong, they all make mistakes but it’s our job to guide the way.

When Ettore the beautiful golden labrador does something wrong, his owner considers it his duty to let him know it.

What exactly this dog has done we’ll never know but whatever it was, wasn’t okay by owner Antonio.

When Ettore realizes that he’s done wrong his reaction is just the sweetest thing. The video of him begging for forgiveness has attracted millions of viewers.


Photo: YouTube

Antonio looks deep into this sweet dog’s eyes and they stare intensely at each other.

Then he gets scolded for something he did wrong and the ashamed puppy keeps burying his head in Antonio’s chest.

I’ve never see a dog do this before.

Antonio tries to remain stern but how can you resist those eyes? He’s begging for forgiveness.

Photo: YouTube

“Are you asking me to forgive you? I don’t understand.” says the owner, in Italian, as Ettore tries to get closer to him.

“You are wrong, Ettore. Ettore, you are wrong. No. Do you understand where you made the mistake? Do you understand?”

But Ettore refuses to give up and just tries to get closer to his owner; it’s so adorable.

Photo: YouTube

Our dogs sure know how to work us, don’t they. That man is obviously a sweet guy. And it’s obvious the dog loves him.

Watch the wonderful clip below. The ending is the best part.

That is about the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life and I am old thank you so very much for sharing this it made my day. 

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