Groomer helps stray dog with severely matted fur make a beautiful transformation

It’s amazing the difference a makeover can have on a dog’s life. It’s more than just about looks: a good grooming goes a long way in keeping a pet happy and healthy.

Grooming is especially important for rescued stray dogs, who often go a long time without any love and care, and are sometimes found with matted fur, fleas, ticks and skin conditions.

One recent viral video shows dog groomers hard at work to help a severely matted dog — and the transformation is truly incredible.

The video, posted in January by Groom House, shows the “worst dog condition” they’ve “ever seen”: a formerly stray dog with completely matted fur.


According to the video, the dog was found on the street. It isn’t known how long she was a stray for, but it was clear she was in desperate need of a little human care.

In addition to severely matted fur, the dog was suffering from an infestation of fleas and ticks.


The groomer carefully trims off the dog’s rough, tangled fur, and applies an antiparasitic treatment.

The dog seems to trust her human friends, standing still as they work to remove the thick layers of fur and remove the ticks from her skin.


It’s a long, careful process, but once the matted fur is removed, she’s already looking like a whole new dog.


With the fur removed, the grooming continues: they give the dog a bath, applying anti-parasite treatment to get rid of the remaining ticks and fleas along with shampoo and conditioner.


After doing some final touches with clippers and scissors, the transformation is complete, and the “final result” reveals a whole new, healthy dog.

And the best part of all this is that the former stray reportedly got adopted — and the groomers did the whole job for free.

The stunning transformation video has now been viewed over 4.4 million times on YouTube.

Watch the video below:

What a huge difference one “haircut” makes! She looks like a whole new, beautiful dog!

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