Groomer cuts off tip of dog's tongue by accident, still charges owner

Groomer cuts off tip of dog’s tongue by accident, still charges owner

When we leave others with our beloved pets, like vets and groomers, we trust that they will be as loving and careful with them as we are.

But sometimes things go horribly wrong—and an accident during a routine haircut has one dog owner demanding justice.

A woman named Vanda Souza, from São Paulo, Brazil, brought her dog Scott to a local groomer for a haircut.

But in the process, the groomer sliced the tip of Scott’s tongue.

Facebook/Vanda Souza

The incident was traumatic for the poor dog.

Vanda says that Scott was always a happy dog, but the injury caused his eyes to water with pain and left him unable to eat or drink.

Facebook/Vanda Souza

Making things even worse, Vanda was still charged for the haircut.

“Unbelievable,” she wrote.

She did not list the name of the groomer, and it’s unclear what legal actions are being taken. But Vanda says she wants something done about this.

“My Scott, my boy, my four-legged son, I want justice,” she wrote.

Facebook/Vanda Souza

The post has gone viral, with over 25,000 shares on Facebook and 13,000 reactions.

Vanda urges listeners to put trust in people who will really care for their pets.

“Take care of your animals, take care of those who have LOVE in their profession,” she writes.

This poor dog, how painful… we hope Scott recovers quickly and these victims receive justice!

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