Grieving therapy dog lies down on grandma’s grave and starts weeping

Dogs are so loyal to us, always staying by our side no matter what. And sadly, they still want to be by our side when we’re gone.

Pets are more emotionally intelligent than we realize — they have the ability to realize when their owners have passed away, and are even able to mourn for them.

Like one dog, who visited his beloved owner’s grave… and broke into tears.


The heartbreaking video was posted in 2013 by a channel called Sarah and the Wolves.

Sarah writes that the dog, Wiley, was visiting the grave of her grandmother Gladys who had recently passed away.

Wiley lies down on the grave, his mouth trembling as if he’s overcome with emotion.


Wiley is a therapy dog with a program called Warriors and Wolves, helping veterans with PTSD. But he’s not just great at helping other people with their feelings, but capable of expressing complex emotions himself.

The video has gone viral with over 9.5 million views on YouTube. While most thought it was a beautiful moment, others expressed skepticism, thinking Wiley was actually “reverse sneezing” or suffering from serious medical issues.

But Sarah insists that Wiley is in perfect health, and that this kind of crying was unique for him.

“I can tell you that he has never done that before and hasn’t done it since,” she wrote on YouTube.

While some might find it hard to believe a dog can be in mourning or even understand what a grave is, we’ve seen other pets do the same thing: A cat was seen visiting her owner’s grave every day for a year, and a dog visits the graves of his animal friends.

The poor thing — it’s a heartbreaking video but one that serves as a reminder of the true love our pets have for us.

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