Good dog ‘saves’ his exercising owner by putting chair under pull-up bar

Dogs are amazing pets in so many ways. They are so emotionally intelligent they can sense when something is wrong and protect their owners from danger.

But sometimes they help even when there’s no real emergency. That’s what one woman found out recently, discovering that her loyal dog always has her back.

A woman named Montse is the owner of an adorable little dog named Igor. She loves him, and he loves her right back.

Montse is also very into fitness and often works out at home. Of course, dogs get their workouts from just running around the park, so they don’t understand our human workout routines.

So when Montse was doing pull ups outside her house, Igor looked at his owner dangling from the bar and just assumed she was in danger, struggling to keep her grip.

So the smart dog decided to “save her life”… by putting a chair under her!

Montse laughed at the gesture and stopped her workout to thank her dog with a pat, knowing he was trying to help her.

“The move with the chair was out of nowhere,” Montse told The Dodo. “I had no idea he was gonna push it.”

“I thought it was really funny. He’s really thoughtful.”

The video has now gone viral with over 6 million views on Twitter.

It’s always nice to know how much your dog cares and will rush to save your life… without actually having to be in real danger!

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