Golden lab wags its tail, chases after car as cruel woman abandons him

Golden lab wags its tail and chases after car as cruel woman abandons it in park

The moment a beautiful yellow lab emerges from a wooded area to realize his owner has abandoned him has been caught on camera, prompting a huge public response.

Footage of the dog being taken to Vacouver Park, in Portland, Oregon, is being shared in the hope of finding the heartless owner.

Nearby resident Alyssa Ott received a cell phone alert that someone was lingering too long near her property and checked her security footage.

Woman Caught on Camera Abandoning Dog Charged with Animal Cruelty ...

On it she saw the dog being let out of a Tesla car, his leash was removed and he was led into the woods. Seconds later his owner can be seen running from the woods and quickly getting back into her car before driving off.

“I was like, ‘I think this lady is leaving her dog down here,’” Alyssa said. “I saw her take the leash off and throw it back in the car.”

The dog then emerges to see another car which he follows before being left looking sad and confused by his abandonment.

Video shows dog abandoned at Vancouver park | KOMO

“And then he just stood there for the next 65 seconds or so, just stood there, it’s horrifying,” said Kerilyn Jakubs, who runs dog shelter I Paw’d It Forward, as per Koin 6 News.

Shelter staff were able to collect the abandoned dog and transport him to their facilities where he’s being cared for while an investigation is carried out.

Staff said they have been inundated with offers to take the dog in but added he won’t be put up for adoption while the investigation is in progress.

Local animal control officers said the woman could potentially face charges of animal cruelty.

According to Kerilyn these situations are rare but once is too much. I can’t imagine what the poor dog is going through after what happened to him.

I hope his owner is found and punished and he goes to a home where he is loved and cherished. Please share.