Giant mastiff becomes too tired to keep hiking, so he gets a lift from a search and rescue team

Many people enjoy hiking, it can be a great way to keep in shape while taking in nature. But safety is important: it is common for hikers to get injured or stuck on the trail, requiring professional assistance.


That was the case for one big dog, who got stuck on a trail with his owner, but was thankfully rescued in style by a search and rescue team.

On the evening of October 13, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue got a call about an incident on the Grandeur Peak Trail in Millcreek Canyon: reports said that a man and his pet dog were stuck on the trail, unable to keep moving.

The search and rescue got right to work, trying to get the pair of hikers out of the area before it became cold out.

Arriving on the scene, the team met Floyd, a big 190-pound 3-year-old Mastiff.

According to CNN, the dog and hiker had gone in the wrong direction and it was difficult to get back on course. Eventually, Floyd simply became too tired to continue and refused to move.

So the Mastiff got the royal treatment: he “packaged in a litter and carried down the mountain,” according to SLCOSAR’s Facebook post.

Apparently, the dog appreciated the help from his rescuers.

“Floyd was a good boy and was happy to be assisted,” the search and rescue wrote.

Both Floyd and his human were safely off the trail by 10:30 that night, thanks to the hard work of the rescue team. Carrying a dog may have been an unusual situation for them, but they were happy to help.

“The team is completely volunteer,” Sgt. Melody Gray of the Unified Police Department, which works with the team, told CNN. “They had no hesitation whatsoever, even when they heard it was a dog.”

While Floyd was described as being “injured,” it doesn’t seem to be anything serious, and he seems to have taken the whole ordeal in stride.

“Hopefully, Floyd will be up and hiking again soon!” SLCOSAR wrote.

Our patient Floyd tonight being carried down Grandeur Peak.Please visit our website and donate if you can:

Posted by Salt Lake County Sheriff's Search and Rescue on Sunday, October 13, 2019

We hope this big dog and his owner will be back on the trail soon… and hopefully won’t need more rescuing.

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