Giant dog meets baby for the first time: Look at his reaction when they lock eyes

Dogs are not only man’s best friend but can also be a close companion for children.

Many of us can remember the canine friends we had as youngsters and the special bond we developed. The family dog is a four-legged friend you never forget, no matter how old you are. All of us dog owners know, of course, that one can “talk” with their dog, we find our own ways of communicating and somehow understand each other.

When a dog gets to meet a new family member it can be immediate joy. This was the case when Dude, the Alaskan Malamute, met baby Savannah for the first time. His response it so precious.

The video is so cute; I think everyone should see it!


The precious bundle gets an overexcited welcome even before dad has got through the door. This giant dog’s tail starts wagging as soon as he sees baby sister Savannah.

Dad puts her down, all bundled up in her car seat and the two lock eyes. Even though Dude’s head is bigger than her entire body she’s unfazed and cannot take her eyes off him.

When he realizes he has a new little sister, something happens inside of him and he just has to get it out.


The big, friendly dog starts howling with joy; as if he’s shouting “Helloooooo.” Its so wonderful to see.

Take a look at the clip below and do not forget to share the video with your friends on Facebook. Help brighten their day with this joyous explosion from such a beautiful dog! ??

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