German shepherd dog cries after being forced to eat chilis by his ‘cruel’ owner

With the rise of social media and its potential reach around the world there seems to be no limit to the lows people will stoop to for a share or a like.

In one case a man in China subjected his dog to the most cruel abuse for the sake of his 5 minutes of online fame and it’s caused outrage around the world.

The poor dog was forced to eat a huge bowl of chilis during a livestream, causing tears to roll down his face.

According to the Daily Mail, this shocking piece of so-called entertainment is part of a growing trend of animal binge-eating videos that has emerged on Chinese social media, otherwise known as “chibo” or “mukbang”. 

Dog 'cries' as forced to eat hot pepper amid China's internet frenzy –  World News | FR24 News English

The Daily Star reports that the cruel trend started after China’s crackdown on those mukbang bloggers who consume excessive amounts of food, in an attempt to reduce food waste. 

So, in response to the ban people have instead been feeding an excessive amount of food to their pets and posting on Douyin, a Chinese version of TikTok.

Dog 'cries' as he's forced to eat spicy chilli in Chinese binge-eating  internet trend - World News - Mirror Online

The video shows the dog owner feeding his German shepherd a bowl full of Sichuan chili chicken saying: “Alright, let’s give our handsome Shuaishuai a taste of Chongqing. This is a dish of chili chicken.”

Another video shows two dogs being forced to eat 38 different kinds of human snacks and drinks while another clip shows a pet owner forcing popping candy down a dog’s throat while holding the dog’s mouth closed.

The videos have prompted outrage by people around the world.

A clip sees a pet owner forcing popping candy down a husky’s throat while gripping the pet’s mouth to keep it closed. The new online trend has also faced a fierce backlash from horrified animal lovers who urge Chinese authorities to shut down these social media accounts

“I only hope this dog has been removed from these cruel persons involved in this barbaric act, and banned from ever having a dog again 😩,” one Facebook user wrote.

While another outraged viewer said: “Whoever’s doing this for a challenge is disgusting and vile that poor dog doesn’t know what it’s eating it’s revolting.”

Shock: Dog Was Forced To Eat Chili Peppers In Tears On A Mukbang Video

One commenter wrote: “This is just a new way of abusing animals. They don’t deserve to keep pets…Poor animals, they trust their owners unconditionally yet the owners just use them as cash cows.”

Another said: “These people are so sick! They need to be censored immediately!”

The German shepherd’s owner has since deleted the video, according to the Daily Mail.

People who take advantage of the loyalty and obedience of your dog in this cruel and inhumane way should be punished.

I can’t believe these people are allowed to keep pets.

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