German police officer makes it his mission to get Ukrainian refugee's stolen dog back

German police officer makes it his mission to get Ukrainian refugee’s stolen dog back

The ongoing war in Ukraine has upended millions of lives, displacing many Ukrainians from their homes. And for one woman, that was only the beginning of her heartbreak: after fleeing to Germany, her beloved pet dog was stolen from her.

But now, the family is reunited thanks to one officer’s determination to bring the dog home.

According to a release from the Greifswald Police, the 46-year-old Ukrainian woman fled to Germany with only her two kids and her dog, a Shih Tzu named Buddy. The woman’s husband had to remain in Ukraine to fight.

If that wasn’t heartbreak to bear, the refugee lost another family member after Buddy was stolen outside a Greifswald supermarket. The dog had been left outside for five minutes while the owner ran errands inside, and a man reportedly ran off with the little dog.

The woman was reportedly “devastated,” and reported the incident to the police, speaking through a translator as she didn’t speak German.

But while the situation seemed hopeless, an officer from the Greifswald police department was moved by the woman’s story, and went the extra mile to investigate her case and bring the missing dog home.

The officer searched the area, interviewing witnesses and searching for clues. Initially, he found no leads, but refused to give up.

He made flyers, putting them around the neighborhood, including at the local animal shelter. Then, he found a break in the case: a shelter employee recognized the dog, and told the officer he had Buddy.

The officer then reunited Buddy with his owner. After suffering through so much, it was good news at last. She was overjoyed, and reportedly hugged the officer in gratitude.

“The Ukrainian woman was so happy that even without words it became clear how grateful she was to a colleague in particular,” the department wrote. “Sometimes a hug says a thousand words.”

We can’t imagine how hard things must’ve been for this woman: fleeing Ukraine, being separated from loved ones, and then losing your dog on top of that.

But we’re glad this story had a happy ending, thanks to the officer who went above-and-beyond to help her in her hour of need.

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