Funeral home has their own grief support puppy to help comfort mourning families

Sometimes a good dog by your side is all you need. Dogs can be extremely comforting and therapeutic, and can help people get through tough times in their lives.

And there’s nothing harder than dealing with the loss of a loved one… which is why one funeral home has recruited their own grief support dog to comfort people in mourning.

When Tori McKay returned to working as an office administrator at Macon Funeral Home in Franklin, North Carolina, she had a big idea to help the community: bringing in a therapy dog.

“There is just so much research to support the benefits of having animals available during times of grief, and our community is very much in need of grief support,” Tori wrote on the home’s website.

After her idea was approved, Tori took in a Bernese Mountain Dog named Mochi, who is now a therapy dog in training.

“The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very loyal, affectionate and gentle animal, and has always been my choice for a potential grief therapy dog,” Tori said.

“They have a history of being excellent therapy and support dogs, which comes from their kind disposition and laid-back personalities.”

Say hello to Mochi, the newest member of Macon Funeral Home! She’s an eight-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog who loves…

Posted by Macon Funeral Home on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Tori plans to have Mochi available for any families visiting the funeral home who could use her therapeutic companionship. Mochi will also visit nursing homes.

She will begin therapy dog training when she is between 6 and 12 months old.

In the meantime the young dog mostly loves to sleep, but it looks like she’s already making herself at home at the funeral home. Mochi greets customers, helping her to socially adjust to being around people.

“So far, everyone has been so supportive, and Mochi has already made a difference in families’ lives this week,” Tori wrote.

What a great idea! We could all use a good dog by our side when in mourning, and we know Mochi will make a big difference in people’s lives. Share this cool story!