Florida man discovers dog suffocating in hot car and rushes to save his life

Florida man discovers dog suffocating in hot car and rushes to save his life

It’s summer, and as temperatures rise we need to all be vigilant about hot car deaths. Dogs are extremely susceptible for heat stroke, and it is sadly common for these pets to be left in vehicles by their unwitting owners.

It remains a tragically common phenomenon: PETA has tracked 57 preventable hot car deaths since 2019, and we’ve already gotten one case this summer that left two dogs dead.

If you find a dog at risk of heat stroke, it’s important you act before it’s too late. That was the case for one heroic bystander, who took decisive action that likely saved a dog’s life.

Christopher DiCostanzo was in Naples, Florida when he happened to find a car parked outside a Best Western, with a tiny dog still inside.

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Christopher could see the dog was struggling and grasping for air.

“The sun was beating down so hard. It was just…and it was so hot. Probably about 90 degrees,” he told NBC2.

“It’s just…painful for that poor little dog. It’s traumatizing.”

Not willing to leave the dog alone, he rushed to get help. He alerted the hotel staff, and they contacted 911. Soon, the dog was freed and was taken to a nearby emergency pet hospital.

Christopher’s intervention is credited with saving the dog’s life. The Collier County Domestic Animal Services told NBC2 he “did the right thing” getting involved with the situation.

“Under state statute, they do have some ability to save that animal… to rescue that animal if they are in distress,” director Darcy Andrade said.

Other bystanders have saved dogs from hot cars, going so far as to shatter the windows to get them free. In a situation like this, it’s better to damage some property than risk letting a dog die.

It’s a good thing this bystander was in the right place at the right time and got this dog the help he needed.

It’s a reminder that it’s up to all of us to help dogs in need when we find them. Share this story!