Firefighters rescue scared puppy who got head stuck in chain fence

Firefighters rescue scared puppy who got head stuck in chain fence

Sometimes animals get themselves stuck in some pretty tricky places, and need a little human help to get free.

Thankfully, there are emergency workers always willing to step up to help a pet in need. That was the case recently, when firefighters came to the rescue of a dog who got stuck in a chain fence.

The story comes from California’s Kern County Fire Department, who shared the story on social media. A “very curious” puppy had gotten his head stuck in a chain fence near an elementary school in Lamont.


The puppy was completely stuck — so the fire department was called to come save the day.

Video shows two firefighters carefully working to free the scared pup. It was no easy operation: one firefighter uses the “Jaws of Life” tool to cut through the metal fence.

Thankfully, the firefighters are able to successfully remove the dog from the fence.

Watch the rescue video below:

While no doubt a little scared by the ordeal, the dog was thankfully otherwise unharmed — and grateful for his rescuers.

“He was unharmed and very happy to be freed!” the Kern County Fire Department wrote.


The story warmed hearts online, with many commenters praising the firefighters as heroes.

“Thank you for the rescue of a helpless fur baby,” one comment reads.

“The greatest high you can get in life is by helping someone else including our 4 legged friends,” another wrote. “Nice job brothers.”

Thank you to these firefighters for saving this poor stuck dog! You’re heroes!

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