Firefighters rescue dog who was trapped in overturned, flooding car for 20 minutes

A dog who survived 20 minutes in a crashed vehicle flooding with water is now safe and sound, thanks to an inspiring rescue effort by a team of local firefighters.

According to a news release from the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department, in Currituck, North Carolina, the department received a call on June 12 about a convertible sports car that was overturned in a canal.

Arriving on the scene, the firefighters saw that the driver had made it out of the vehicle — however, there was still someone unaccounted for: the driver’s dog.

Searching the scene, the crew said they “heard whimpering sounds,” and realized the dog was still trapped inside the overturned car.

“We immediately overturned the car to gain access,” the fire department wrote.

It turns out the dog was in a very dangerous situation: he had been in the upside-down car for 20 minutes as it flooded with water. Luckily, the dog had found an air pocket under the dash floorboard.

The firefighters were able to rescue the dog — who miraculously had “no apparent injuries.”

“North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the accident and driver was taken to the detention center,” the fire department reported.

We’re so glad this dog is safe and sound — it’s a miracle he survived with no injuries!

Thank you to the Crawford Township Volunteer Fire Department for saving this poor trapped dog!

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