Firefighters dig for an hour to free puppies trapped in tortoise den

Sometimes puppies get themselves stuck in the most unexpected places, and need a little human help getting out. Luckily, they can always count on their local firefighters.

That was the case recently, after one crew came to the rescue of some curious puppies who got into a tortoise den.

According to a Facebook post from the San Bernadino County Fire, two “curious five month old puppies” got into a tortoise den in Yucca Valley — and to make things even more complicated, the 100-pound tortoise was blocking their way out.


The responding fire crews attempted to lure out the large desert tortoise, named Oscar, with watermelon. However, the tortoise was unmoved by the tasty treat, and the firefighters “went to plan B,” digging.

The crew dug an access hole, allowing them to get to the puppies without having to relocate the tortoise. It took an hour of digging, but the plan worked.

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Facebook/San Bernadino County Fire

The two puppies, reportedly named Peo and Finn, were unharmed and “happy to reunite with their dog mom.”

“We are glad we could assist with this unique call & there was such a positive outcome!” the department wrote.

Thank you to these firefighters for saving these poor dogs from this tortoise den!

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