Firefighter stops to help puppy with head stuck in soup can

Sometimes dogs get themselves stuck in some pretty surprising places, but they can always count on local firefighters to help them get free.

That was the case for one tiny stray pup who got his head stuck in a soup can, who got a little help from a firefighter who happened to be perfect for the job.

According to a Facebook post from the Richland Fire Department, in Knox County, Kentucky, firefighter Shane Ledford went above-and-beyond the line of duty when he found a puppy in need of help.

The little dog’s head was trapped in a can of Campbell’s Soup:

Facebook/Richland Fire Dept

The department said that Ledford found the puppy while on a job with a local garbage service, so he didn’t have the benefit of using his firefighter gear or tools to save the pup.

However, he was uniquely prepared for the task: coincidentally, he had just taken a CPR and first aid class for pets!

Ledford got to work to free the puppy, though the department wrote that he risked getting bit by the pup’s “angry momma” watching on.

Thankfully, the mission was a success, with no harm to him or the puppy. “He successfully extricated the puppy from its rather Chunky situation,” the department wrote.

Facebook/Richland Fire Dept

The Richland Fire Department was proud of their firefighter’s actions even though he was off-duty, and shared the story hoping it would spread some positivity.

“So often we only see pain and destruction. For once it’s nice to share a post with a happy ending and enjoy a laugh or two,” they wrote.

Thank you to Shane Ledford for going above-and-beyond to help this little pup get free!

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