Firefighter hears a cry from burning brush, pulls out a one-week-old puppy from fire

When the Bakersfield Fire Department in California responded to a dumpster fire call last week, little did they know they’d be saving a life.

Arriving on the scene, firefighter Paul Alvarado, from Engine Company 6, saw that there was a brush on fire—and he could hear an unusual sound coming from it: the cries of a small puppy.

According to KGET, Alvarado went in and discovered the tiny lab pup, all on his own, was trapped under the flames. He rescued him from the brush, and the dog survived with burns on its hindleg and mouth.

The firefighter was praised for his heroic actions saving the puppy: “Providing legendary service pertains to ALL of our customers!” the department wrote on Facebook.

BFD Engine Company 6 was able to save this puppy during a recent dumpster fire response…..The puppy is under the care…

Posted by Bakersfield Fire Department on Monday, October 21, 2019

The puppy was fittingly named “Fuego” (Spanish for “fire”) and was treated by a local animal care facility.

He was then taken in by Pet Matchmaker Rescue. According to vets, Fuego was less than one week old when he was rescued.

“He’s very little,” Morgan Sokolow from Pet Matchmaker told WSET. “He’s got his eyes closed still.”

This tiny little pup was just pulled out of a fire on the east side of town… eyes aren’t even open yet and no mom or…

Posted by Pet Matchmaker Rescue CA on Monday, October 21, 2019

Sadly, he was most likely separated from his family during the fire.

“We think that mom was able to get the other babies out and took off with them but was unable to reach this one because he was underneath the fire,” Sokolow said.

Fuego is now in foster care. Because he is so young and without a mother, he’ll need a lot of care, on top of treating his burns.

“The fireman got him out and we’re going to get his belly full and get him all comfortable.”

Fuego has a #MilkMustache courtesy of his amazing foster mama Cathy!! We are starting to think he might be a Pyrenees…

Posted by Pet Matchmaker Rescue CA on Thursday, October 24, 2019

He’ll be in foster care for a few months, and will be put up for adoption when he’s healthy and ready.

Facebook updates from Pet Matchmakers show that Fuego has been doing well in his first week. He’s eating well and sleeping a lot, and thanks to good timing has lots of “adopted siblings” to play with: a litter of baby doberman mixes was rescued around the same time.

So as everyone can see, one of these things is not like the other 😂😂Fuego our little #labrador #FirePup is settling in nicely with his new adopted siblings… This litter was rescued two nights ago from the mom who was trying to kill them. We received a request to help with the litter, and immediately started searching for a bottle feeder. Mom is a purebred #Doberman. We are not sure what dad is or was but I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks 🤪So ultimately, timing was perfect and it worked out for Fuego and his new little bundle of siblings!#rescuedog #dogrescue #bottlebabies #fosteringsaveslives #petmatchmakerca

Posted by Pet Matchmaker Rescue CA on Monday, October 21, 2019

Hopefully Fuego goes to a good forever home soon!

Let’s thank both the firefighter and the animal rescue workers who helped turn this puppy’s life around! Share this great story!