FDNY rescues dog who was thrown off bridge into a river

FDNY rescues dog who was thrown off bridge into a river

It’s truly shocking the way some people mistreat animals, but thankfully local firefighters will always step up to help these pets when they need saving.

That was the case after a dog was reportedly thrown into a New York river, leading to firefighters from the marine unit to come to the rescue.

According to a post from the New York City Fire Department yesterday, FDNY Marine 4 responded to a report about a dog that had been thrown off a bridge into the Harlem River.

The dog was in distress, and when the unit arrived on the scene they found a good samaritan clinging to the dog from the shore to keep him from drowning.

The marine unit, led by Lieutenant Sodano, proceeded to take a water vessel out to the dog’s location to make a rescue.

The firefighters were able to successfully get a hold of the dog and bring him safely on board:

The FDNY then took the dog back to shore, where he received necessary medical care.

It was a happy ending to a shocking case that could’ve easily ended in tragedy, but thankfully people came together to help just in time.

“Without the quick response from both the civilian and FDNY members, the outcome for this animal could have been very different,” the department wrote.

The story went viral, and reactions were both outraged that someone would throw a dog off a bridge like this and inspired by the rescue effort.

“What is wrong with people. Who does this to an innocent animal. I hope he finds an amazing forever home,” one commenter wrote. “Thank you Marine 4 and the Good Samaritan who helped.”

“For every person the destroys faith in humanity, there are far more who restore it,” another wrote. “Thank you to all who helped that poor dog. Hope he finds the loving home he deserves.”

This poor dog — we hope he finds a better home soon and the person who threw him off a bridge faces justice.

Thank you to the FDNY and the good samaritan for saving this poor dog’s life!

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