Family reunites with dog who went missing after car crash last month

It’s always a scary experience when a dog goes missing, but it definitely helps to have the support of your community.

That was the case for one family who lost their dog after a serious car crash last month, but got him back thanks to the help of family, neighbors… and a tasty casserole.

Lee Wood and his wife Tiffany Greene were involved in a serious car accident last month after a loose trailer caused a chain-reaction crash on the I-77 in South Carolina, according to WSOC-TV.


The couple was seriously hurt and it has taken them some time to recover: Wood reportedly has screws and plates in his arm and Greene is in a neck brace.

But making things even worse, their beloved dog Cash went missing during the accident: he was seen limping away after the crash and was nowhere to be found.

“We’ve had him for like 8 years so, he’s been part of our life,” Wood told WSOC last month. “My daughter absolutely adores him and he adores my daughter.”

Simultaneously dealing with their injuries and a lost pet, family members and neighbors stepped up to help them search for Cash. A Facebook group was set up to spread the word and share updates about possible sightings.

May be an image of dog and text that says 'LOST DOG DO NOT CHASE! Lost from accident 1-77 N mile marker 68 Brindle & White MALE 65 LBS 803.606.5225 803.422.0952 EPICANIMALRECOVERY.ORG'
Tiffany Greene/Facebook

“We kind of just put all of our heads together and we were just hoping and praying for a miracle,” neighbor Lindsey Skinner told WSOC-TV.

Neighbors put out cameras in front of their homes to keep an eye out for signs of Cash. They also put out food to lure the dog in: Skinner says one neighbor put out a casserole of different foods, calling it a “casherole.”

Amazingly, it worked: on Sunday, Cash took the bait and walked into a cage looking for food. “When he did get in the cage, it took a minute and he realized who he was around,” Skinner said. “And then he was licking them and wagging his tail and he was very excited.”

Cash was soon returned to his loving family, a happy ending after what has been a hectic and stressful month: “We’re just so happy he’s home,” Tiffany Greene told WSOC.

“When he walked through the door, we cried and laughed and he just licked us all, and he was just so excited to be home and we’re very grateful he’s home.”