Family dog warns owner that something terrible is happening

The idea that dogs are a man’s best friend isn’t news, and we’ve heard countless stories about heroic dogs.

This story might be old, but I think it’s so amazing that it’s worth telling anyway.

It was 1993 when Mindi from Ohio put her youngest daughter, Rachel, in bed for her afternoon nap. She was just a few months old.

Mindi’s second daughter, 9-year-old Amanda, was playing with her friends.

When you have a toddler, you’re often tired, and Mindi thought about resting a little while little Rachel napped.

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But first, she decided to take a quick shower.

Then suddenly, the family dog, Papillon, who certainly used to bark a lot, started barking like crazy.

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Finally, the golden retriever went into the bathroom and looked at Mindi. She immediately thought of Lassi and realized that Papillon wanted something. She jumped out of the shower and followed Papillon into the room where Rachel lay asleep.

Once Mindi reached the crib, Papillon started jumping up and down. And that’s when Mindi realized what was wrong. Rachel’s lips were blue and she wasn’t breathing.

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While Mindi tried to revive her daughter, she asked Amanda to call for an ambulance.

Mindi hit her daughter on the back in case something was lodged in her windpipe.

After a while, Rachel started crying, and a sense of great relief overcame Mindi. Rachel was breathing again and she was going to live.

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Finally, the ambulance came, and while Mindi and Rachel went to the hospital, Amanda stayed home with the hero of the day,  Papillon.

At the hospital, doctors found a bit of food in Rachel’s wind pipe that had caused her to choke.

But Rachel recovered and Mindi was careful to make sure Rachel never choked again.

Watch this video to learn more about this amazing story:

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