Eros the chocolate lab delivers groceries to his neighbors during COVID-19 lockdown

For those people having to quarantine during these uncertain times it’s the only sensible action to take but it can have tough consequences.

Anyone alone and in quarantine often struggle to get the supplies they need and can suffer loneliness.

But one chocolate Labrador is lending a helping paw and delivering groceries and a friendly greeting to his neighbors in Medellín, Colombia, all while helping to keep them safe.

Photo: YouTube

The 8-year-old hound collects the groceries from the store in a brown basket and then delivers them to his neighbors while carrying the basket in his mouth.

His neighbors are always overjoyed to see the friendly dog but sometimes he gets distracted along the way.

Distracted by puppies

“Sometimes if he sees puppies he gets distracted and must always make the necessary bathroom stops but he always reaches his destination,” says Eros’ owner Mauricio López, as per Noticias Caracol.

One neighbor who benefits from Eros’ deliveries Yurany Suárez says dogs are smarter than humans.

Photo: YouTube

“It is an incredible thing because imagine in this time of a pandemic, we are stuck at home but we have this dog to thank for getting the essentials we need.”

Neighbor María Botero adds: “Many people ask if he eats the groceries but he doesn’t, he is very respectful and everything is delivered safely and intact.”

And all he requires in return for this essential community service is a quick pet before he’s on his way again to carry out more deliveries.

Photo: YouTube

Such a clever dog and I bet he’s so happy seeing all these different people who are so grateful to him; he gets all the love he deserves.

Please share with all the animal lovers you know and maybe more dogs like Eros can become delivery dogs during these challenging times.