Ellen DeGeneres announces her rescue dog Wolf has passed away: ‘He brought us so much joy and love’

Fans of Ellen DeGeneres know all about her beloved pets. The animal-loving TV star has shared her home with three dogs and three cats.

Sadly, Ellen has announced that one of them has passed away: her dog Wolf, who has been her longtime companion.

“He brought us so much love and joy. I hope we did the same for him,” Ellen wrote, sharing a photo of her and her wife Portia de Rossi holding Wolf on their wedding day.

Ellen first took in Wolf in 2009. Remarkably, the comedian rescued the dog off the street after witnessing a man abusing the dog.

“He was a guy that was mistreating the dog,” Ellen told People. “He was swinging the dog around and doing things to it and I went over to him and offered to give him some money.”

She said that Wolf was malnourished and barely able to stand. But living with Ellen and Portia and all their other pets, Wolf soon settled in to a happy comfortable life, and was even featured on Ellen as a puppy.

“He’s just the craziest, sweetest dog now. Just a love!” Ellen said.

No matter how famous or successful you are, there’s nothing worse than losing a pet. Our hearts go out to Ellen and Portia.

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